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Cold Bend These and More! NO HEAT REQUIRED.

Featured in "Building Street Rods: All You Need To Know" by Ken Wickham!

A Short List of Potential Applications:
  • Clamps/Brackets
  • Automotive Brackets
  • Brake Line
  • Fuel Line
  • Hydraulic/Tranmission Lines
  • Hinges
  • Square Tubing
  • Round Tubing
  • Solid Round Bar or Square Bar
  • Compound Bends
  • Precision Bends
  • Edge/On Edge/Hard Way Bending
  • Scroll Work

You Be The Judge!

All Brake Line Bends Performed with the Mighty Mite Bender. 

Mighty Mite Brake Line Bending
Brake Line Bends 2
Mighty Mite Brake Line Bending
Tight Radius Bends, Wide Radius Bends The Mighty Mite Does It All!
Mighty Mite Brake Line Bending


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