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Bender Questions:

Question: What are the differences between the Mighty Mite, Bulldog, Pro2 and Rhino Benders? Which one is right for me?

Answer: Each bender is constructed of quality American made steel and manufactured in the USA.  The primary difference between them is capacity. On each bender page you will find a specifications and capacities list. Browse the list and find the bender that accommodates your materials.  

The Mighty Mite Metal Bender is our original and most compact bender.  The Bulldog is our newest bender and is considered a medium size bender. It picks up where the Mighty Mite leaves off and is more agile, and cost effective than our Pro-2.  It is designed to handle most production needs at an affordable price. The Pro2 Metal Bender is our most versatile bender, and is considered our "large" frame bender. It offers exceptional capability for production use. The Rhino is our "extra large"  frame bender. It features a larger throat width than any other bender in its class! 


Material Questions:

Question: Can I bend Stainless?

Answer: Yes, Most Stainless material bends exceptionally well in our machines. 

Question: I am looking to bend round stainless tubing using your round tubing dies. Will it scratch my material?

Answer: We manufacture our round tubing dies from high quality American steel with a Delrin insert. Delrin is an ultra-strong, synthetic polymer that will not scratch or marr materials, unlike steel or cast dies. 

Question: I am redoing brake lines on a muscle car project. I have used hand benders in the past and swore off bending my own brake lines. What makes your's better?

Answer: Our brake line tubing dies and fuel line tubing dies are used by several of the finest muscle restoration shops in the country. First, Our dies are constructed of Delrin which will not scratch or marr stainless or aluminum. Second, our dies allow bends to take place very close to the fitting, something that hand benders do not allow. They bend to a diameter of less than 1" to be exact. Lastly, in the case of our brake line tubing dies, the bending is done outside the bender frame which provides unrestricted view of the bend and allows you to quickly insert and remove tubing from the dies. 

Question: I have one of your 1" round tubing dies, can it be used for 1" pipe as well?

Answer: The short answer is No. The long answer is, Pipe and tube only have one thing in common, that is they are both cylindrical/round. Tube is measured by true OD, whereas Pipe is measured by ID. A 1" Pipe typically has an OD of around 1.3". If you need to bend pipe we do manufacture pipe  bending dies/tooling, please contact us for more information.

Question: Can I bend exhaust tubing,chromoly, or "roll cage" tubing?

Answer: No. These materials are best suited for bending with a hydraulically actuated bender or a mandrel bender.  

Question: I am looking to make an X DIA Circle with your bending tools. Can I make a  circle with your benders?

Answer: Yes. It is possible to make circles with our bending tools. Our instructional guide provides full details. 

Question: I am looking to make XZ, out of XY without a lot of material waste. Can you tell me how much it will take to make the bends? 

Answer:Yes, the detailed instructional guides included for FREE with our bending tools provides several simple examples and easy to follow methods of calculating material use/bend takeup  for your operations with our metal bending machines. 

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