Since 1987, Howron Industries has delivered superior quality metal benders, tubing dies, and accessories to our community and the globe. Our distributors know us, and more importantly, they know you. Many of our distributors utilize our products in their industries, which range from fabrication and welding to automotive restoration, aviation, diesel performance and metal art. They understand how Howron Industries products can work for you, in your industry, or your business.

Our distributors are more than resellers. Experience has shown that working with distributors helps us to achieve the highest quality customer service. Our authorized distributors must meet stringent requirements related to product quality and handling, and commitment to customer service. We work closely with our authorized distributors to ensure that your needs are met and that you are receiving quality customer service and products at an affordable price.

Our distributors frequently run specials or sales on our metal benders, tubing dies and accessories.

If you would like to apply to become an authorized distributor, please call us, or email us by using the form at the Contact Us page, to discuss potential opportunities.

Feel free to contact us for any technical support questions that you may have with our products

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