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Brake Line Tubing Dies (Set of 3)


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The Brake Line tubing die set includes 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16" sizes. These dies are manufactured from high impact industrial Delrin, which will not scratch your aluminum or stainless steel tubing. Each die is precision grooved to allow you to bend brake line, fuel line or hydraulic line to a diameter less than one inch.

Unlike hand benders, these allow you to bend very close to the fitting. When using these, they are placed on top of the bender so that it is extremely easy to see your bend and get your tubing in and out of the dies quickly. Our benders have been purchased by some of the finest hot rod and refurbishing shops in the country, exclusively for bending brake lines.

This die set is configured to work only with the Mighty Mite Metal Bender and are also included in the Mighty Mite Standard and Mighty Mite Deluxe Packages.

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All Brake Line Bends Performed with the Mighty Mite Bender. 

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